Telstar launches BiOptima a new high end biosafety cabinet

Telstar launches BiOptima a new high end biosafety cabinet


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  • Source: Telstar

  • Date: 01 Jul,2019

Abv new ergonomic human-centred cabinet, totally adapted to the operator’s physical features and requirements

Terrassa (Barcelona) 2019, July 1st.Telstar has launched an innovative range of high-end Class II Biological Safety Cabinets providing higher performance, comfort, cleanability and energy savings. Designed to be completely adapted to the operator’s physical attributes, the new ergonomic BiOptima cabinet is intended to be used for high-risk microbiological research and highly toxic applications featuring low noise levels, low power consumption and low maintenance costs.

Developed by Telstar, the new high-end Class II biosafety cabinet ensures optimum efficiency and high-level energy savings, as well as presenting a new breakthrough ergonomic design. BiOptima series is available in two versions: a BiOptima standard model integrated with two HEPA filters, according to the EN12469 standard, for microbiological research with biological agents (bacteria, viruses, etc.) and allergens and BiOptimaCyto, including three HEPA filters, according to the DIN12980 norm, addressed to work with high-risk microbiological and highly toxic applications, such as the production of cytotoxic drugs.

BiOptima standard version provides operator protection with the inflow air barrier, product protection thanks to HEPA-filtered laminar downflow in the working area and environmental protection through the exhaust HEPA filter. BiOptimaCyto is equipped with additional V-shaped HEPA filters underneath the work surface, which filter the inflow air and keep the internal construction of the cabinet free of contamination, ensuring greater safety for high risk applications.

The new cabinet offers a very spacious work area, 550 mm in depth and 700 mm in height, which enables productivity and comfort with plenty of space, in a smart compact design with an overall height of only 1450 mm. Easy to clean, the working chamber in one piece is made in AISI 304 Stainless Steel with rounded edges inside the cabinet to facilitate effective disinfection and maximize contamination prevention. In addition, the electrically operated front window slides upwards offering 500 mm height access.

Characteristic features of BiOptima Series are the ergonomic sloped front window, easy-to-clean hinged front window, V shaped front grills and rounded arm rest for maximum comfort, energy efficient dimmable Led light, energy saving EC fans, standard fitted UV light, worktop with air slots, a maintenance reducing full size pre-filter, liquid collecting drip tray underneath the work surface, electrically operated front window with back-up battery, and patented 4F System (Fast, Friendly and eFFicient) to facilitate replacement of the filters.BiOptima is equipped with a full size G3 pre-filter under the work surface that prevents large particles or dust from reaching the HEPA filters, effectively doubling HEPA filter lifetime.

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