Top 10 Indian origin, BA/BE CROs to look upon in 2022

Microbioz India, March , 2022 Issue

Cover Story : "Top 10 Indian origin, BA/BE CROs to look upon in 2022"

Top 10 Indian origin, BA/BE CROs to look upon in 2022

The cover story of this month titled: “Top 10 Indian origin, BA/BE CROS to look upon in 2022” contributed by authored by Microbioz India, editorial. The key to making profits in the generic drug market is reaching the market as early as possible by getting proper regulatory approval. Generic medicines play an essential role in the pharmaceutical market because of their lower cost than branded drug molecules. Manufacturers of Generic Pharmaceuticals need not begin from scratch and carry out R&D, preclinical research, and early phase clinical trials. Instead, they need to show that their drug has a similar Bioavailability and Bioequivalence (BA/BE) as the branded drug. Regulatory bodies carry out a thorough inspection of the manufacturing plant and the clinical trial site and analyze the trial data to check if there has been any data fraud or manipulation. Read more


How can technology improve sample management?

Neil Benn, Managing Director of Ziath Ltd, graduated from Leeds University (UK) with a BSc in Biotechnology and then an MSc from Hertfordshire University in Computer Science. His distinguished career in Laboratory Automation encompasses GlaxoSmithKline, CAT and the Max Plank Institute before setting up Ziath in 2005.Read more

Importance of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Human civilization has come a long way when it comes to the studies & invention in the field of pharmacology & toxicology. People have swallowed elixers, inhaled vapors & applied ointment in the name of healing for millennia. Read more

Minimizing risks, in a risky environment

Before my current role I was a bench chemist working diligently in a Fumehood for 95% of the day with the remainder of the time usually populating all those essential COSHH risk assessments for the variety of reagents I’d be using during my catalyst screening experiments. Read more

Demand of Silicone hose in Pharma Industry

In the modern market of elastomers, consumers have a huge choice of hoses options. However, the numerical number can often cause confusion as to which type of rubber, silicone or polymer is best suited for the particular application.Read more