Raman Spectroscopy – Process Development and Monitoring

Microbioz India, February , 2022 Issue

Cover Story : "Raman Spectroscopy – Process Development and Monitoring"

Raman Spectroscopy – Process Development and Monitoring

Raman Spectroscopy is a non-destructive chemical analysis technique which provides detailed information about chemical structure, phase and polymorphy, crystallinity and molecular interactions. It is based upon the interaction of light with the chemical bonds within a material. Raman is a light scattering technique, whereby a molecule scatters incident light from a high intensity laser light source. Current pharmaceutical applications cover a broad range from discovery to manufacturing of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry like identifying polymorphs, monitoring real-time processes, detection of counterfeit and adulterated pharmaceutical products and imaging solid dosage formulations. The cover story of this month titled: “Raman Spectroscopy – Process Development and Monitoring” contributed by authored by Metrohm India Pvt ltd. The story focuses on application and role of Raman Spectroscopy in Bio-pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry. Raman spectroscopy is a well-suited technique in the pharmaceutical industry due to its ability for non-destructive, real-time measurements, as well as its ability to be implemented for online and inline monitoring thus making this an invaluable tool for Process Analytical Technology (PAT) implementation.


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