Demand of Silicone hose in Pharma Industry

Demand of Silicone hose in Pharma Industry


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  • Date: 02 Apr,2022

In the modern market of elastomers, consumers have a huge choice of hoses options. However, the numerical number can often cause confusion as to which type of rubber, silicone or polymer is best suited for the particular application.

Silicone is a polymer that mainly consists of silicon. The starting material from which silicones are made is silica, common in sandstone, beach sand and quartz. Silica is also widely used in glass production. Silicone can thus have different physical forms, such as oils, gels and solids and is therefore a very versatile type of rubber that can be used in many applications where large working temperature ranges, stability, resistance etc. are required. VMQ (High Consistency Silicones) is used for food and drug use and medical applications.

Silicone hoses are the tubes that are extruded into tubulous shapes at high temperature and cross—linking and solidity, which have a certain softness and tensile strength. Thus, they are widely used in many industries. Silicone hoses are an excellent choice for transporting liquids in medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, machine-building, construction, power industry and the food industry.

Silicone is one of the most flexible elastomers, thanks to its wide operating temperature range, biocompatibility, high dielectric strength and the ability to be pigmented to almost any color. For these reasons and more, the use of silicone hoses continues to expand in spheres that traditionally use materials such as PVC, polyurethanes and natural rubber, which required curing. Silicone hoses are made of silicone which has been widely applied in a variety of fitness equipment that takes advantages of their excellent elasticity to replace of commonly used metal spring their merits are including portability, beauty, practicality and low risk, etc… Generally, they can be stretched more than six times and they are also hard to be broken. Even though there is a breach, they will not be broken immediately, which minimize the harm to human body.


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