Microbioz India July 2021 : Top 10 tips to avoid contamination in pipetting

Microbioz India, July , 2021 Issue

Cover Story : "Microbioz India July 2021 : Top 10 tips to avoid contamination in pipetting"

Microbioz India July 2021 : Top 10 tips to avoid contamination in pipetting

Preventing contamination in pipetting is paramount to achieving reliable results. It requires identification of the potential contamination mechanisms in order that they can all be addressed. Aerosols, suspensions of solid or liquid particles in a gas, are formed in many laboratory activities such as pipetting with air displacement pipettes, and aerosols are the major contamination source in pipetting. They may transfer into the pipette body when unfiltered pipette tips are used and consequently contaminate subsequent samples. The cover story of this month titled: “Top 10 tips to avoid contamination in pipetting” contributed by Sartorius. As the story suggests Pipetting is one of the most common tasks performed in a laboratory on a daily basis. Studies show that more than 40% of lab professionals suffer from pipetting-caused disorders.Read more


Pharmaceutical Roots – Almonds and Enantiomer

Pharmaceutical roots are a new series from LGC Mikromol, investigating and outlining the natural origins of pharmaceutical substances, and offering a deeper dive into their uses, risks, and mechanisms of action.Read more

Interesting Facts about Electrophoresis

t may surprise many to learn that electrophoresis technique was first developed for use by scientists’ way back in 1807. Since then, researchers, chemists, and technicians have utilized electrophoresis to separate different charged particles with the use of an electric field.

Optima Laboratory Resource Management System V2021.1 Software Release Announcement

We are delighted to announce the new Optima Laboratory Resource Management System – LRMS version 2021.1. released by July 1st, 2021.
It is a major milestone incorporating a sophisticated engine that automates the complex scheduling process of the laboratory resources.

Interview with Prof. Daryl R. Williams

We are keen to expand our global business, and our highest priority is India where we have ambitious expansion plans.