Everything You Need to Know about Cleaning Laboratory Glassware

Microbioz India, June , 2020 Issue

Cover Story : "Everything You Need to Know about Cleaning Laboratory Glassware"

Everything You Need to Know about Cleaning Laboratory Glassware

It is usually easier to clean glassware should you do it straight away. When detergent is used, it is normally one designed for lab glassware, such as Liquinox or Alconox. These detergents are preferable to some other dishwashing detergent you might use on meals at home. A lot of the time, detergent and tap water will be neither required nor desired.You can rinse the glassware using the proper solvent, and then end up with two or three rinses with distilled water, followed by final rinses with deionized water. As the main story of this present month comprised Everything You Need to Know about Cleaning Laboratory Glassware covered by our editorial staff.


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