Mankind Pharma becomes first Indian company to develop dydrogesterone for infertility & pregnancy related complications

Mankind Pharma becomes first Indian company to develop dydrogesterone for infertility & pregnancy related complications


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  • Source: Microbioz India

  • Date: 05 Dec,2019

New Delhi, 05 December 2019: Mankind Pharma, a Rs 5,600 crore pharmaceutical company, has launched a Dydrogesterone-containing drug, for treatment of pregnancy-related complications. Mankind Pharma becomes the first Indian and second global company to develop the drug and make it available at an affordable price.

Progesterone is a natural hormone involved in the menstrual cycle, implantation, and in successful maintenance of pregnancy. Any deficiency of progesterone during different stages of the reproductive process can cause infertility, menstrual disorders and miscarriage. Dydrogesterone has a similar molecular structure to natural progesterone but it has enhanced bioavailability and fewer side-effects.

It took nine years for a team of 400 scientists at Mankind Research Centre to develop this drug, which is the only retroprogesterone available commercially. The manufacturing process of Dydrogesterone is very complex as it involves the conversion of natural progesterone.

Mr. R.C. Juneja, Chairman and Founder, Mankind Group said, “The launch of this drug is an important milestone for Mankind Pharma. We are the first Indian pharmaceutical company to develop this drug & second company in the world. We have been successful in developing the drug as an ideal alternative.  It was only possible after the endless efforts of our scientists that we could achieve the unachievable. Our focus is to earn the trust of our customers by marketing it at an affordable price while ensuring high quality.”

Mankind has a strong presence in pharmaceutical, veterinary, OTC & FMCG segments with more than 50 brands ranked at No. 1 position in their respective segments. Besides having a strong presence in the domestic market, Mankind is present across North America, Asia, Africa and CIS countries.

About Mankind Pharma

Mankind Pharma, the 4th leading Pharmaceutical Company of India, incepted in 1995, today with an employee base of more than 14000, racing towards a turnover of $1 Billion. Mankind is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company, with a comprehensive network of over 40 C&F agents & 5000 stockists. With a pan India presence and offerings spanning across Antibiotics, Antifungals, Anthelminthics, Gastrointestinal, NSAIDs, Anti Diabetics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Erectile Dysfunction and several other categories. The strong portfolio of products ranging from Pharma to popular OTC & FMCG brands – Manforce Condoms, Unwanted72, Prega News, Adiction, Gas-O-Fast, and Kaloree-1 provides the edge to Mankind pharma in the competitive market. Mankind is further expanding the horizon of Serving Life in International Markets.

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