Smart Laboratory and role in Pharmaceutical Quality Control

Microbioz India, January , 2020 Issue

Cover Story : "Smart Laboratory and role in Pharmaceutical Quality Control"

Smart Laboratory and role in Pharmaceutical Quality Control

Dear friends and readers, I hope you would have enjoyed reading our previous issue. Once again, I am delighted to bring to you the January 2020 edition of the Microbioz India magazine, supported by the cover story entitled “Smart Laboratory and role in Pharmaceutical Quality Control covered by editorial of Microbioz India, the cpver story features modern laboratory and focus on Pharmaceutical Quality Control, many aspects of modern life are becoming tied to the digital world. You are using your smartphone to read emails, order taxi, check for directions and order food. But there is a place in this world that remained more or less immune to digitalization – a research laboratory.


Real estate group creating $1.1B gene therapy CDMO at former GSK site

The real estate impresario that built a chain of upscale drug recovery facilities is now jumping on a new trend.

Insys founder Kapoor gets 5.5 years in prison for role in Subsys kickback scheme

With federal prosecutors laying waste to Insys’ executive team, one big domino was still left to fall: Founder and former CEO John Kapoor, who had a leading role in the drugmaker’s opioid kickback scheme.

Roche’s digital partnerships flourish under live-and-let-live approach

Roche has a long history of being relatively hands off with the companies it buys.

GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY- Best Choice for every Laboratory

Gas chromatography is a mass analytics method applied in all domains of human activities – from ecology, healthcare, and agriculture… to petro chemistry and nuclear energy, as well as many modern scientific applications.