Green Analytics:Food,Water and Environmental Analysis in Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing

Microbioz India, February , 2020 Issue

Cover Story : "Green Analytics:Food,Water and Environmental Analysis in Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing"

Green Analytics:Food,Water and Environmental Analysis in Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing

Quality is the utmost important thing in the pharmaceutical industry as people’s lives are directly dependent on the quality of medicines given to them for the treatment of diseases. The pharmaceutical quality control laboratory serves one of the most important functions in pharmaceutical production and control. A significant portion of the CGMP regulations pertain to the quality control laboratory and product testing.Similar concepts apply to bulk drugs. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, analytical procedures are involved in various stages such as the quality control of raw materials and products, effluent monitoring,pharmacokinetics, pharmacological assays, clinical trials, stability indicating assays, impurities profiling etc.


Keytruda kidney cancer combo, keeping pressure off BMS

Merck’s Keytruda may be pressuring Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo in kidney cancer in the U.S. But in England, cost watchdogs won’t be giving it the chance—at least for now.

Antibiotics discovered that kill bacteria in a new way

The newly-found corbomycin and the lesser-known complestatin have a never-before-seen way to kill bacteria,which is achieved by blocking the function of the bacterial cell wall

Automated LabElite® DeFroster Quickly Removes Frost Buildup on Sample Racks and Tubes

Hamilton Storage introduces the LabElite® DeFroster for automated removal of frost that may form on tube racks while in frozen storage.In this hands-free format, a single rack is automatically drawn into one end of the unit where mechanical brushes and a liquid solvent effectively remove frost in under 10 seconds before sending it out the opposite end.

MR Solutions helps new ImPaKT facility become the best equipped containment laboratory in Canada

MR Solutions has installed a 3T PET-MR preclinical imaging system at Western University’s one of a kind ImPaKT Laboratory in Ontario.