IIT Kharagpur specialists create microneedle to oversee medicate in an easy manner

IIT Kharagpur specialists create microneedle to oversee medicate in an easy manner


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: PTI

  • Date: 29 Aug,2020

Researchers in IIT Kharagpur have created a microneedle that’s capable of administering big chemical molecules in a painless manner, ” a statement issued by the institute said on Saturday.
The Institute”s Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering hasn’t only decreased the diameter size of the microneedles but also improved the strength so they do not violate while penetrating the skin, it said.

The microneedle can be utilized even in COVID-19 vaccination in future, aside from for sugar delivery, ” the statement said.

“A typical use could be achieved in insulin replacement or medicine for diseases of the circulatory system, skin containing some types of cancer, or even COVID-19 vaccine,” lead researcher Prof Tarun Kanti Bhattacharyya stated.

He stated,”We’ve made high strength glass carbon microneedles which can withstand skin invisibly forces. Added to this is our design of this ionic polymer metal composite membrane based micropump which raises the flow rate of the chemical molecules in a controlled and exact method. We’ve got further incorporated this microneedle and micropump to achieve controlled drug delivery.”

He said the device would find extensive use in any type of transdermal medicine.

“The more people engage in R&D, the more greater we’d be able to create customized microneedle established successful delivery systems,” he further added.

The microneedle has the potential to transform the drug delivery system from the present syringe based one to some painless but effective experience for those patients.

The medication delivery device has been successfully tested using creatures according to medical protocol.

The researchers also have filed for a patent in India and released the study from IEEE and Nature journals.

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