Automated Water Analysis using Metrohm TitrIC

Automated Water Analysis using Metrohm TitrIC


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  • Date: 04 Jan,2022

The requirement of water is very huge and decreasing water supplies, increasing government regulations (EPA, ISO, IS 10500:2012 norms), and community awareness compel industry to consider water reuse. Before water re-use, optimization for all process water streams and utility water streams must be identified, and their contaminants must be characterized. The streams can then be mixed and matched to minimize total water use, water discharge, and water treatment.

Water is one of the components, which undergoes numerous tests and usually the number of samples to be analyzed in Analytical Laboratory is quite large. In some cases, dedicated team of chemists are allotted for Water Analysis. In order to Automate WATER ANALYSIS, Metrohm has TitrIC which is combination of Titrator, Conductivity Meter, Ion Chromatograph and a central auto sampler

TitrIC is the total solution for automatic completion of your workload. For example, in TitrIC, the samples can be logged in by a barcode reader and placed on the sample rack. TitrIC then controls the whole procedure and works day or night – or even over the weekend. Intelligent control and thoroughly tested technology guarantee reliable analyses.

Up to 100 samples can be determined without any manual intervention. The high degree of automation reduces costs and increases the precision of the measurements. By using defined criteria, TitrIC can make logical decisions such as automatically diluting water samples. Calibration of the system also takes place automatically.

TitrIC – New horizons in ion analysis opened up by the unique combination of titration, direct measurement and ion chromatography

Complete Integration of Auto sampler, Titration, Conductivity Meter and Ion Chromatograph to perform analysis ensures that minimum attention of the chemists is required to carry out the sample analysis. The job of the chemist is only to introduce samples into the autosampler. No need to have multiple chemists to carry out routine analysis like pH, conductivity, p & m value and various ions by Titrations and Colorimetric estimations. No more need for various reagents required for colorimetric estimations.

Also, usually they need around 2 – 4 chemists to carry out the water analysis, with TitrIC you need only one chemist that to in the beginning of the day.

The complete water analysis custom tailored analytical system package from one single supplier with minimum space requirements.

Every sample – all types of analysis – one report, up to 100 samples measured fully automatic with maximum data security with integrated data base

With TitrIC it is possible to analyses following parameters of Water using single sample cup and generate single report:

With Conductivity detector, additionally with altered chromatographic conditions, we can perform speciation of Arsenic – Arsenite (As-3) and Arsenate (As-5), speciation of Selenium is possible.

Advantages of TitrIC

The determination of ionic species in solution is a classical analytical problem with a variety of solutions.

Analytical methods (AAS,ICP) have been available for a long time, the lack of corresponding, highly sensitive methods for anion analysis is noteworthy.

Conventional wet-chemical methods such as photometry, gravimetry, turbidimetry, and colorimetry are all labor-intensive, time-consuming, and troublesome. In contrast, completely automated TitrIC offers the following advantages:




4.Simultaneous detection

5.Does not require use of costly Colorimetric reagents

6.Does not require to invest in 2-3 high pure gases as required by spectroscopy techniques.

7.Does not require to rely on the supplier for chemicals and reagents.

8.Regular Analytical grade chemicals and reagents is more than sufficient.

If necessary and situation demanding, these instruments can be individually configured with automation for specific parameter and analyses the same in shortest possible time.

The Ion Chromatography instrument can also take other detectors like UV-VIS and Electrochemical detectors for analysis of Pesticides, Phenolic derivatives, and highly toxic cyanide and sulphide ions as required by IS 10500: 2012 drinking water norms.

With respect to UV-VIS detector which can be attached to Ion Chromatography instruments, with the technique of Post Column Derivatization we can further enhance the capability of the analysis parameters in drinking water. With respect to the standard the following analytes can be done:

With respect to Electrochemical detector which can be attached to Ion Chromatography instruments, with the technique we can further enhance the capability of the analysis parameters in drinking water. With respect to the standard, we can perform the determination of different phenols present in water, determination of CYANIDE and SULPHIDE down to ppb levels can be done.

If IC is attached to the ICP-MS system, we can also perform selectivity and sensitive analysis of Arsenic – Both organic and inorganic species, Selenium, Mercury and Methyl mercury, iron speciation and Chromium speciation down to ppt levels.


TitrIC flex – fully automated system for comprehensive water analysis applying titration and ion chromatography | Metrohm

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