A new approach to Sleep Apnea treatment

A new approach to Sleep Apnea treatment


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  • Date: 06 Sep,2022

SEFAM (in French: Société d’Etude et de Fabrication d’Appareillage Médical – in English: The Research and Manufacturing Company specialized in Medical Equipment) and the first manufacturer in Europe of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices, presents its latest innovation for the treatment of the sleep apnea syndrome:

SEFAM S.BOX BY STARCK, a high-tech medical device with an ergonomic design, for a new approach to care. With this new CPAP treatment device and its minimal and elegant design developed by designer Philippe Starck, SEFAM is aiming to optimize treatment compliance, increase patient engagement, reduce the symptoms and reduce costs of treating sleep apnea.

Where the worlds of Medicine, industry and design come together:

Optimizing compliance with CPAP therapy is a major challenge when managing the sleep apnea syndrome, as well as the follow up of all its comorbidities and risk factors. But as treatment may be slightly stressful (patients must get used to the mask and the use of a somewhat noisy machine can disturb the life of the patient’s partner), it often causes problems with compliance in case of patients refusing treatment or gradually abandoning treatment over time.

Based on this observation, SEFAM and the designer Philippe Starck have created the SEFAM S.BOX BY STARCK, a new CPAP device with an innovative and elegant design and plenty of new technologies in order to optimize patient care, improve their treatment compliance and reduce the costs for the health insurance.

The S.Box® concept offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to make patient treatment and follow-up more precise as part of an adapted care pathway. This concept of personalized medicine, at the core of the Sefam S.Box platform, is illustrated by the mobile applications SEFAM Access (for the patient) and SEFAM Access Pro (for the professional)

A high-tech connected Medical Device

Much more than a CPAP machine, SEFAM S.BOX BY STARCK is equipped with plenty of technologies and associated services, completed with a full range of communication options – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS – making it a unique product on the market.

SEFAM S.BOX BY STARCK is part of a comprehensive digital platform that provides global and multi-parameter monitoring of patients.

Not only does the device collect data on apneas and the operation of the device, such as usage hours, residual apnea index, mask leaks and pressure, it also collects data related to other health issues of patients.

On a daily basis, patients have access to information about their disorder and treatment: sleep quality, treatment compliance and mask leaks. Compliance data is displayed in an easy and informative way in a numerical or graphic format.

The apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) is presented in the form of a color code (green-orange-red) indicating the treatment efficacy. User friendly and fun, the SEFAM S.BOX BY STARCK has tutorials and applications, connected by Bluetooth to the CPAP device, that help patients to play an active role in their treatment. Messages encourage them to continue treatment and/or to improve their compliance. Healthcare professionals and home healthcare providers can access all data in real time, allowing them to quickly intervene whenever necessary. By doing so, SEFAM S.BOX BY STARCK facilitates the sharing of information amongst all those involved in the patient’s care, guaranteeing better treatment compliance.

SEFAM S.BOX BY STARCK allows for the optimization of costs associated with treatment, by decreasing the number of home visits and hospitalizations to what is strictly necessary, by improving the efficacy of the treatment and reducing the risks and costs of complications related to this condition.

‘In this way, SEFAM S.BOX BY STARCK fits in perfectly with an integrated approach to care and personalized patient monitoring’, explains Pierrick Haan. SEFAM S.BOX BY STARCK has been designed to be accessible to all, by increasing quality and performance and limiting manufacturing costs. In the long term, SEFAM S.BOX BY STARCK reduces healthcare spending thanks to improved patient compliance, a reduction in health professionals’ home visits and a decrease in comorbidities associated with the sleep apnea syndrome.

 A stylish design for a less intimidating treatment

Improving quality of life has always been a priority for designer Philippe Starck. With the SEFAM S.BOX BY STARCK, he has redesigned a high-tech medical device, making it more discrete, more ergonomic and more stylish. This more ‘human’ design helps patients to accept the device into their daily lives and also makes it easier to understand and use.

‘We set ourselves the goal to make the product noble, to make a product which we are not ashamed of, a product we could in a way be proud of and that is no longer a cause of stress in our everyday life. We created a ‘minimum’ product that is at least timeless and that at the end merely reflects the elegance of its intelligence and technology’, says Philippe Starck.

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