The smallest hydrogen gas generator for GCFID is now available for orders

The smallest hydrogen gas generator for GCFID is now available for orders


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  • Source: Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd

  • Date: 27 May,2021

Precision Hydrogen SL, PEAK Scientific’s award-winning hydrogen gas generator for
GC-FID, is now available for orders.
Precision Hydrogen SL has been recognized for its desirable compact size, ease of use and safety features, ranking among the top 15 innovations in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards.
Specifically designed to supply hydrogen gas to flame detectors for gas chromatography, Precision Hydrogen SL is the smallest GC-FID hydrogen gas generator, requiring only minimal benchtop space and capable of producing hydrogen at 99.9995% purity.
Available in both 100cc and 200cc and in black or white, Precision Hydrogen SL offers high safety specifications with its fail-safe auto-shutdown features and minimal gas storage, positioning the generator as a safer hydrogen gas solution for GC-FID, particularly when compared with other gas supply methods, such as gas cylinders.
Featuring enhanced usability with just one button for both start-up and shutdown, Precision Hydrogen SL is also designed for simple end user maintenance without the need for specialist training. Only the simple replacement of the proprietary desiccant capsule is required periodically, which can be performed in under 60 seconds, and a deionizer cartridge replaced annually.
Removing the need for third party suppliers in the form of cylinder deliveries and fully end user maintained, Precision SL significantly reduces the risks of Covid-19 contact transmissions in your facility.
Ed Connor, Product Manager at PEAK Scientific, says,“Following extensive and successful field testing, we’re delighted to announce we will now be opening our order book for Precision Hydrogen SL.
“Precision Hydrogen SL is a major milestone in the GC-FID market, with its unique combination of benefits offering not only advanced safety features, but also userfriendly operation and maintenance, whilst taking up minimal bench space with its compact design.
“Our sales teams can be consulted directly for further information on Precision Hydrogen SL and to place an order for the hydrogen generator.”PEAK Scientific’s Precision Hydrogen SL orders will include a free annual maintenance kit to cover consumables for the first year. For further information on
Precision Hydrogen SL, visit

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