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    Here’s what you need to know about Plasma therapy for CORONA virus

    As of late, specialists have discovered that the body can recuperate itself. Platelet-rich plasma treatment is a type of regenerative medication that can bridle those capacities and intensify the regular development factors your body uses to recuperate tissue. What is plasma and what are platelets? Plasma is the fluid part of entire blood. It is

    Stem cells may give a respite to COVID-19 infected

    While stem cell treatment is not a technique to eradicate or fix Coronavirus completely, there is proof to help the idea that infected patients might be more receptive to survive the disease. Because, stem cells oppose viral infection due to the presence of specific qualities known as interferon gamma invigorated qualities (ISGs). These are present

    Sanofi and Luminostics to create cell-phone based test for Covid-19

    Sanofi has started working with California startup Luminostics to construct an at-home test for COVID-19 that would utilize an example peruser fueled by a client’s close to home cell phone. Utilizing a connector that cuts via telephone’s camera and flashbulb, Luminostics’ minimal effort, reusable gadget contains synthetic substances that faintly shine in obscurity when certain

    CDSCO supports foundations to direct clinical preliminaries in COVID-19 Patients

    The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) has given a green sign to intrigued foundations to direct the clinical preliminary with gaining strength plasma in COVID-19 patients, according to the convention created by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). In a notification in regards to the clinical preliminary of healing plasma in COVID-19 patients, the

    Mologic dispatches new lab-based COVID-19 antibody tests

    Mologic has gone into a Material Transfer Agreement with Omega Diagnostics Ltd (“Omega”) and Omega will promptly begin the assembling of Mologic’s original ELISA symptomatic tests. The research facility based ELISA demonstrative test is required to create up to 46,000 outcomes for each day, possibly contributing a noteworthy bit of the UK government’s arranged 100,000

    More than 13 million kids didn’t get any antibodies whatsoever even before COVID-19 disturbed worldwide vaccination-UNICEF

    As the world stands by urgently for an antibody, the COVID-19 pandemic is proceeding to flood over the globe. A large number of youngsters are at risk for missing life-sparing antibodies against measles, diphtheria and polio because of interruptions in vaccination administrations. Last time anyone checked, most nations had suspended mass polio battles and 25

    China endorses third COVID-19 antibody for clinical trials

    China has affirmed its third coronavirus immunization for the second period of clinical preliminaries as it detailed 12 new COVID-19 cases, taking the absolute number of contaminations in the nation to 82,816. China has endorsed three coronavirus immunizations, including the one created by Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) for clinical preliminaries. An “inactivated”

    First new oral polio vaccine in quite a while

    Stage 1 preliminary shows guarantee for fruition of slowed down annihilation exertion; offers exercises for COVID-19 immunization improvement Before being stopped because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a constant immunization crusade had almost prevailing with regards to annihilating polio from the world. Somewhere in the range of 2000 and 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) assessed

    ARTES Biotechnology entered in development of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine

    ARTES Biotechnology, the German-based biotech organization gaining practical experience in process improvement for recombinant immunizations, entered advancement of SARS-CoV-2 antibody applicants dependent on its infection like molecule (VLP) based stage advances METAVAX® and SplitCore. METAVAX® is the organization’s foundation for the improvement of immunizations based on wrapped infection like molecule nanostructures (eVLPs) in light of

    Lincoln Pharma gets Gujarat food and drug controller gesture to make HCQ tablets

    Lincoln Pharmaceuticals hit an upper circuit breaking point of 5% at Rs 152.70 after the organization said it got endorsement to fabricate Hydroxychloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate tablets to battle Covid-19. Lincoln Pharmaceuticals reported during exchanging hours today, 27 April 2020, that it has gotten endorsement to make Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) among other basic medications to battle

    myUpchar starts delivering Hospital Supplies for Health workers

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) protects healthcare workers and caregivers who come in contact with COVID-19 patients again and again, and for prolonged periods. Globally, there is a shortage of this equipment as healthcare systems in many countries are under unprecedented strain because of the new coronavirus infection. Seeing the shortage of PPE equipment in several

    Let us know some facts about Coronavirus

    It was post-dinner time on Saturday 4th April 2020; the 12th evening of lock-down in India. Mr.Madhav was sitting in front of his laptop eagerly waiting for the bell of 10 pm on Web meeting. He and his close friends Kiran, Avinash, Santosh, Suhas, Mahesh, Rajan, Seema, Kavya, Vidya, Geetanjali and Namrata from different places