Precision in Practice: Sartorius Weighing Solutions Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Precision in Practice: Sartorius Weighing Solutions Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


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  • Date: 04 Jul,2024

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Somnath, a distinguished professional with a rich background in science and management. Graduating from Mithila University, India, with a degree in science and furthering his education with a PGDBM from the Institute of Management Education, Mr. Somnath has accumulated over 13 years of invaluable experience in the analytical instrument field. Currently serving as the Product Specialist for the Lab Weighing Group in the Greater India region, Mr. Somnath brings a wealth of expertise to his role, driving product success and innovation in collaboration with industry leader, Sartorius.

As we delve into his insights and experiences, Mr. Somnath sheds light on the intricate dynamics of the laboratory and analytical equipment industry, offering valuable perspectives for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Can you provide an overview of your role as a Product Specialist at Sartorius India Pvt Ltd and your primary responsibilities?

I am working as Product Specialist responsible for driving product success through support sales, educate Customer and contribute to product development initiatives.

Sartorius is a well-known name in the weighing equipment solutions. Can you briefly describe the key weighing solution equipment line that Sartorius offers to the pharmaceutical industry and how they meet the industry’s needs?

The company has a variety of weighing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry that are tailored with modular design.

These include precision balances, analytical balances, microbalances and moisture analyzers, which are all made to suit pharmaceutical lab rigorous needs.

It is very clear Sartorius balances have high-tech features needed for precise measurements in addition to meeting regulatory bodies’ standards like USP as well as FDA guidelines; moreover, this weight can be integrated into data management systems for traceability and documentation purposes.

As a result, it is important to emphasize that these types of weights are pivotal in pharmaceutical researches, developments and quality controls aiming at providing accurate findings.

Precision and accuracy are paramount in pharmaceutical manufacturing. How do Sartorius weighing solutions address these critical requirements, and what makes them stand out in the market?

Weighing technology has for a long time been led by Sartorius. In their weighing solutions, Sartorius address crucial needs in the pharmaceutical industry such as highly accurate and precise measurements that can be relied upon when performing critical functions like formulation and quality control.

Compliance and Regulatory Standards: Sartorius weighing solutions conform to universal regulatory standards like USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines, assuring compliance with regulations of the pharmaceutical industry.

Ergonomics and user-friendliness design with comfort and convenience keeping in mind; they have also incorporated an easy-to-understand interface, ergonomic designs, and software that is straightforward to operate thus enabling smooth workflow processes while reducing errors chances.

Durability and Reliability: Pharmaceutical laboratory settings are harsh on equipment, but Sartorius ensures that its weighing solutions survive such conditions through sturdy construction techniques, high grade materials as well as extensive trials during production hence guaranteeing lasting performance over a very long period.

 With our continuous investment in research and development process aimed at integrating recent technological advancements into our range of products enables us remain ahead of market trends towards adopting emerging requirements found in pharmaceutical laboratories today.

Correspondingly, SARTORIUS offers extensive customer support which comprises maintenance services, calibration procedures as well as training programs that will ensure maximum uptime plus optimal performance of our weighing solutions. This attribute has built trust between us and other drug manufacturers globally making us dependable partners among them.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated. How does Sartorius ensure that its weighing solutions comply with industry standards and regulations, including those related to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)?

Sartorius weighs solutions that are in line with industry standards and regulations. Such solutions are planned, produced, and ratified according to specified guidelines and requirements. We guarantee accuracy, precision, reliability and traceability throughout the weighing process.

Further regulatory requirement for equipment qualification, calibration, documentation and maintenance must be met by weighing solutions.

Compliance is adhering to ISO 9001 or ISO 13485 (medical devices) etc. as well as industrial specific regulations like pharmaceuticals (GLP/GMP) or food production (HACCP).

Moreover, Sartorius balances have sophisticated data management capabilities such as electronic data recording and integration with different Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), this ensures data security during regulatory audits and documentation.

Innovation is a driving force in the technology sector. Could you share any recent advancements or developments in Sartorius weighing solutions that have had a significant impact on pharmaceutical manufacturing processes?

Sartorius has recently made several advances in weighing solutions, including the integration of advanced technologies such as connectivity and compliance, whereby we also provide integrated connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, USB. This allows for hassle-free data transfer across various devices or systems. Workflow integration is possible with automation features leading to increased efficiency. Advanced software has real-time capabilities that enable users to collect information and visualize it thereby making decisions.

This makes it easier to use measuring instruments as they have touch screens which are user friendly but the custom controls can be changed.

Integration with electronic records and compliance management systems ensures adherence to regulatory requirements and facilitates traceability throughout the weighing process. These developments contribute to greater efficiency, accuracy, and conformity in pharmaceuticals manufacturing processes.

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Mr. Somnath, Graduated in Science from Mithila University, India and PGDBM from Institute of Management Education with having overall experience of 13+ years in the field of Analytical Instrument. Presently working as Product Specialist for Lab Weighing Group at Greater India region.

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