Quantifying Adeno Associated Virus Aggregation

Microbioz India, October , 2019 Issue

Cover Story : "Quantifying Adeno Associated Virus Aggregation"

Quantifying Adeno Associated Virus Aggregation

Dear friends and readers, I hope you would have enjoyed reading our previous issue. Once again, I am delighted to bring to you the October 2019 edition of Microbioz India magazine supported by the cover story entitled “Quantifying Adeno-Associated Virus Aggregation” an informative product specification article submitted by Postnova Analytics GmbH.

Adeno-associated viruses are gaining widespread popularity as vehicles for gene therapy due to their versatility and safety. However, one of the biggest concerns for manufacturing a uniform AAV suspension is the presence of viral aggregates, which can create problems with transduction efficiency, bio distribution, and immunogenicity. Due to their large size, often over 100 nm in diameter, AAV aggregates are challenging to separate and characterize by traditional column-based chromatography techniques.

Along with cover story the issue also having a featured article titled “New way to test for drug resistant infections” based on a method to test whether an infection is resistant to common antibiotics. Scientists from the University of York modified an antibiotic from the beta-lactam family so that it can be attached to a sensor, enabling them to detect the presence of bacteria resistant to treatment.


New way to test for drug resistant infections

Beta-lactam antibiotics (such as penicillin) are one of the most important classes of antibiotics, but resistance to them has grown to such an extent that doctors often avoid prescribing them in favour of stronger drugs.

Pipette Tips Deliver Superior Liquid Handling and Dispensing

Porvair Sciences has launched a new range of Liquid Handling Pipette Tip Filters that provide unmatched capabilities to block out aerosol and liquid contaminants.

Several New Services Added to 2019 Online Product Catalog by Creative Enzymes

With a high reputation among academic and industrial enzyme companies, Creative Enzymes has recently added three newly developed enzyme services to 2019 product catalog, for researchers working in the life science field.

Ultra-Pure Porous Plastics for Healthcare Applications

A new state-of-the-art automated manufacturing system is enabling Porvair Sciences to produce ultra-pure porous plastics that are fully compliant with FDA, USP Class VI and European Pharmacopoeia statutory regulations as well as being free from heavy metals.