Pharma Laboratory Special Edition

Microbioz India, June , 2018 Issue

Cover Story : "Pharma Laboratory Special Edition"

Pharma Laboratory Special Edition

Dear friends and readers, I hope you would have enjoyed reading our previous issue. Once again, I am delighted to bring for you the new edition of your favourite magazine Microbioz India. It is a “Laboratory Edition” supported by the cover story titled ‘Increased evaporation efficiency: Hybrid ceramic bearing extends lifetime and reduces maintenance cost of fans for mechanical vapour recompression’ by TLT-Turbo GmbH, one of the world's leading manufacturers of technology-driven industrial fans and ventilation systems.

Process industry, chemical and pharmaceutical applications require high amounts of process steam resulting in high energy usage. Thus mechanical vapour recompression is frequently used to minimize energy usage.

A fan compresses the vapour boosting to a higher pressure and adds heat to it until the requested temperature has been reached.


NAA questioning consumer goods and pharma organizations regarding GST prices

The National Anti-Profiteering Authority (NAA) are questioning around 150 consumer goods and pharma companies regarding their stocks with the distributors and stockists on June 30,2017 were sold at low cost after the GST rollout.

Click and Carry DWK Life Sciences gets a Handle on DURAN Bottle Transportation

For users who have to handle large glass GL 45 laboratory bottles, DWK Life Sciences has introduced a system for the manual transport of bottles.

New Ultra High Mass Range Mass Spectrometer Provides Solution for Analysis of Proteins and Protein Complexes

Thermo Scientific Exactive UHMR Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer brings great sensitivity and high resolution to understand protein structure and interactions

Bluebox Optics launches a new modular LED light source ideally suited for fluorescence microscopy

Bluebox Optics announced immediate availability of a new modular LED light source ideally suited for fluorescence microscopy.