Analytical Industry contribution for Affordable Healthcare

Microbioz India, April , 2018 Issue

Cover Story : "Analytical Industry contribution for Affordable Healthcare"

Analytical Industry contribution for Affordable Healthcare

Dear friends and readers, I am pleased to bring for you another issue of your favorite magazine Microbioz India. It is a “Laboratory Events Special Edition” for the two Mega Events of Laboratory & Analytical Equipments namely ‘India Lab Expo’ & ‘Asia Labex’ going to be held in Mumbai & Chennai respectively this month.
The issue is supported by a cover story titled ‘Analytical Industry’s contribution for Affordable Healthcare’ by Srushti Sanghavi-Shah, Manager Technical Sales and Support Nanghavi Chromatographic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The article talks about the role of longer lasting and more-cost efficient equipments and consumables used in the manufacturing process of medicines so as to reduce the cost of healthcare and ensure that it is affordable to all.


GSK Shingrix eclipses Merck shingles shot with massive market share steal

GlaxoSmithKline's Shingrix is on track to rule the U.S. shingles vaccine market once monopolized by Merck & Co.’s Zostavax, just five months after it was approved by the FDA.

Teva M and A gone wrong lawsuit over Rimsa deal nets a paltry settlement

So much for the forceful response Teva promised when it claimed the former owners of Mexican generics buy Rimsa committed fraud.

ROMIL UpS ultra lc solvents and eluant mixes

When you need the ultimate quality, take a look at ROMIL-UpS™ ultra lc solvents and eluants. ROMIL UpS™ ultra lc solvents and eluant mixes have been developed to address the challenging requirements of critical analytical applications, such as LC-MS and UHPLC, offering the utmost purity for today’s sensitive instrumentation.

Molecular Devices Launches the ImageXpress Pico System

Cellular imaging acquisition and analysis system at an affordable price point Molecular Devices, LLC, a leader in protein and cell biology technologies, has announced the launch of its ImageXpress® Pico Automated Cell Imaging System.