Flow Solution to Bio-tech Industries – Imaweld® Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing

Flow Solution to Bio-tech Industries – Imaweld® Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing


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  • Date: 05 Dec,2021

Looking at the current scenario the world is facing a pandemic of countless virus and numerous bio-pharmaceutical industries are producing vaccines aggressively to protect the nation.

We at Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd are proud to serve our range of Critical Tubing’s to eminent Vaccine Manufacturers: Serum Institute & Bharat Biotech. One of our Critical Range Tubing Imaweld® TPE Tube with heat-sealable and weldable properties plays a vital role in bio-pharmaceutical industries and it serve the purpose of Weldable and Sealable functions.

What is Imaweld®?

Imaweld® is thermoplastic elastomer tubing designed for cell culture process in biotech industries. It is widely used in biopharma applications to transfer critical fluids. Imaweld is specially formulated to have heat sealing and welding properties.

Imaweld is excellent solution for biopharmaceutical fluid processing as Biopharmaceutical industries faces lot of challenges while processing the drug. Imaweld has such properties which helps and eliminates many problem during critical fluid transfer process.

An important quality which is required to be found in Imaweld® Thermoplastic Elastomer Tube is that it has a property which can seal, form, bond and weld the tubing which provide aseptic connection and separating the connections without contamination during process application. This property is found in thermoplastic tubings but not in silicone tubings.

Benefits of Imaweld® Thermoplastic Elastomer Tube

✔Melting Properties – Since Imaweld® TPE is able to melt at elevated temperature.

✔Integrity and prevention from Cross contamination

✔Specially designed for biopharma industry.

✔Made from Environmental Friendly, Eco-Friendly & Recyclable TPE

✔Assembled with Single use systems

Key Features

1.Free of any toxic ingredients, successfully meets toxicity free requirements.

2.Manufactured and packaged clean room of class 10000 facility

3.Heat sealable and weldable to facilitate sterile connections

4.Available in Pre sterile Packaging.

5.Outstanding Flex Crack Resistance

6.Smooth Bore Surface which enhance the Flow rate or process.

7.Excellent acid and alkali resistance.

8.DMF #32560 accredited by USFDA.

9.Available in opaque white (Imaweld – W) and Transparent colour (Imaweld – T).

Product highlight – Imaweld® Heat sealable/Weldable Tubing.

1.Imaweld Tubing is validated in reputed biopharma companies of India (Ex. Serum Institute of India, Lupin biotech, Gennova Biopharma, Biocon Ltd), Asia, Europe, & USA Region.

2.Imaweld® is manufactured in clean room of class 10,000 and evaluated for Food grade testing, Toxicological testing (USP Class VI, USP 87) and Biocompatible testing (ISO 190993-3 Genotoxicity, ISO 10993-4 Hemocompatibility, ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity, ISO 10993-10 Skin sensitization, ISO 10993-11 Rabbit Pyrogen test.

3.Imaweld® tubing is successfully tested by our clients for cross welding with different other global brands like Cflex, Advantaflex, Puriflex. (Please Refer the attachment). Our customers use our tubings with Sartorius Sealers/Biowelder & GE Healthcare sealers/Welders.

Applications where Imaweld® can used

1.Cell culture & processing.

2.Bio-pharma and fermentation application.

3.Single use assembly.

4.Biosimilar product manufacturing.

5.Microbiological Application

Compliance and Certifications:

What we can we offer:

1.Sterilization – Autoclaving Steam Sterilization, Gamma Ray Sterilization and Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

2.Customized laser printing for lot traceability

3.Molded and over molded assemblies

4.Free samples are available upon request

!!!Good News!!! – BPOG under process – Coming very soon

Validation pack available upon request: Covers Manufacturing Process, Physical Properties, MSDS, Chemical Compatibility Chart, Toxicological Studies, Biocompatibility Studies, Extractable Studies.

The Company believes in “Be in business with ethics” and assure Quick Development, Fastest Delivery, Ultimate Quality and also very Competitive Rates.

For more information, visit our website: www.amipolymer.com

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