Fast Performance, Extreme Durability In Weighing Applications

Fast Performance, Extreme Durability In Weighing Applications


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  • Date: 01 Jul,2021

METTLER TOLEDO’s XSR Precision Balances were conceptualized to simplify workflows while maintaining accuracy. Their robust design protects against dust and dirt, and a built-in notepad reduces time spent on data handling and transfer — improving repeatability, reducing risk of errors, and promoting long life.

Without good data, scientific advance is impossible. Academic laboratories thus depend on reliable measuring equipment that generates precise, accurate results,and simplifies their export for record-keeping or further analysis. METTLER TOLEDO’s XSR Precision Balances meet researchers’ needs easily, ensuring accuracy, lasting performance and maximum efficiency.

Along with the latest in high-performance weighing sensors, the XSR balance features SmartPan™, an innovative weighing pan that eliminates the effects of air turbulence. Improved sample stabilization yields results up to twice as fast as a standard weighing pan; high-quality data can be achieved in almost any environment.

The XSR balance’s robust design also includes overload protection to safeguard the weighing cell. In addition, integrated StatusLight™ and LevelControl functionalities ensure that measurements are not made unless the balance is ready to weigh, while customizable tolerance profiles and MinWeigh warnings notify users when inappropriate actions are taken.

And manual reporting is a thing of the past. Task parameters and results displayed on the integrated notepad can quickly be transferred to PC via USB or Ethernet, eliminating transcription errors. As lab work can be repetitive, the XSR was conceptualized to provide a comfortable weighing experience. A high-resolution color display makes figures easy to read; the glove-compatible screen ensures accurate and fast touch response. Moreover, ErgoStand™ allows standing operators to adjust the screen to reduce neck strain. XSR Precision Balances are made to last. To prolong balance life, the design simplifies maintenance:

The terminal is fully detachable and has a pre-mounted protective cover which, combined with the full metal housing, protects the XSR against dust, dirt, liquids and harsh chemicals. Smooth surfaces and dishwasher-proof parts make the entire balance easy to clean, while rugged construction limits its repair costs. Delivering reliable weighing performance, and with clever features to support efficient, consistent data-generation, XSR Precision Balances are a truly ergonomic solution to researchers’ needs — and to furthering scientific progress.

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