Cambodia screens more people for H5N1 after an 11-year-old girl dies

Cambodia screens more people for H5N1 after an 11-year-old girl dies


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  • Date: 24 Feb,2023

The H5N1 strain of avian influenza has been tested for in at least 12 people in Cambodia, according to the health ministry, after an 11-year-old girl passed away this week from the disease in the nation’s first known human transmission in almost ten years.

According to a statement from the health minister on Friday, the victim’s father, who was a member of the group the victim had contact with in a province east of the capital Phnom Penh, tested positive for the virus but showed no symptoms.

The statement omitted information about the other group members’ test results and did not explain how the victim’s father acquired the illness, also known as bird flu.

According to Bunheng on Thursday, the girl’s case was the first reported human infection with the H5N1 virus in the Southeast Asian nation since 2014. According to the statement, the girl from Prey Veng province was identified as having avian flu after becoming ill with a high fever and cough on February 16.

She was moved to the National Children’s Hospital in Phnom Penh as her condition worsened, but she passed away on Wednesday, according to the health ministry.

According to the International Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH), bird flu has devastated farms all over the world since early last year, killing more than 200 million birds either directly from the illness or as a result of mass culls. The H5N1 influenza has expanded to mammals, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), but the risk to humans is still minimal.

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