Bacteriophages On Action Use Of Technique To Reduce Salmonella From Meat By 90 Percent

Bacteriophages On Action Use Of Technique To Reduce Salmonella From Meat By 90 Percent


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: University of Nevada, Reno

  • Date: 24 Jun,2016

Researcher from University of Nevada, Reno used old techniques as Bacteriophages done to kill natural bacteria for killing Salmonella by 90% from food.

Bacteriophages are known to be natural predators to kill bacteria and as we all knows that Salmonella is one of most important cause of food borne illness and reducing the cell count of Salmonella from food is great success to control certain food borne illness.

Assistant professor Amilton de Mello from University of Nevada, Reno presented this research in international American Meat Science Association's conference in Texas. "We were able to reduce salmonella by as much as 90 percent in ground poultry, ground pork and ground beef," de Mello reported. "We're excited to be able to show such good results, food safety is an important part of our work and salmonella is one of the most prevalent bacteria in the nation's food supply."

In an experiment the researcher inoculated Salmonella in refrigerated meat and poultry trim and at the result the bacteriophages invaded the cells of the bacteria and destroyed them.

"On the final ground meat products, there was a 10-fold decrease of salmonella," de Mello said. "The results are very encouraging and we're hoping this can be adopted by the meat industry to increase food safety."

"Amilton brings an abundance of energy and expertise to the program," Bill Payne, dean of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, said. "He's one of 10 new faculty in the College who will allow us to better connect with and support agricultural producers in ways that have not been possible for many years."

Story source: University of Nevada, Reno

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