An interview with Mr Anil Munjal,CEO & Director at Riello Power India

An interview with Mr Anil Munjal,CEO & Director at Riello Power India


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  • Date: 06 Jul,2021

Mr. Anil Munjal has been working into Power Protection industry for over 30 years & is one of the acknowledged Thought-Leader. He has been instrumental in Riello’s growth in India. He’s an environment enthusiast and committed to a wider goal of sustainable development. His vision is to build a better tomorrow for our coming generations by promoting innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions that enable a greener world. He’s passionately working towards our Government of India’s “Make in India” Program.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

With almost three decades of expertise in the power conditioning industry, I joined the Riello UPS business in the early 1990s and started from scratch. Riello Power India now has a renowned base of over 25,000 high-capacity UPS installations in India and surrounding international markets.

The company began as a distribution channel, then evolved into a joint venture, and finally, in 2016, became a wholly owned subsidiary of RPS S.p.A, an Italian firm that is part of the Riello Elettronica Group.

Today, Riello Power India (Riello UPS) has established a strong reputation as a provider of power protection solutions to a variety of companies, including multinational blue chip clients in the healthcare, pharma, medtech, ICT, and manufacturing industries, as well as aviation, engineering, financial services, education, hospitality and many more applications.

What have been the main accomplishments of the Riello Power India during the last five years?

Riello began its journey more than 20 years ago, but in the last five years, the company has experienced tremendous growth. By establishing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Manesar, the company transitioned from a trading business to manufacturing, originally producing UPS solutions up to 200kVA and, more recently, manufacturing all ratings of UPS with all topologies right from SCR based to IGBT based UPS, transformer-less to transformer-based UPS and single phase to three phase UPS as well as modular UPS systems where the application demands so.

Riello Power India offers the most comprehensive range of UPS Systems, ranging from 6kVA to 6400kVA, and boasts a powerful mix of engineering, design, manufacturing, marketing, and service resources. The company is fully committed to supporting the government’s Make-in-India initiative by meeting the all business vertical’s demand for high-quality power for all their mission-critical applications.

Why ups are required in pharma & healthcare industry?
Today’s high-tech medical, pharmaceutical, and control equipment and control units are far more sensitive to electrical disturbances than in the past, and they are far more crucial to the key functions of these businesses. To avoid process halting, everything from data and hardware protection to test and production equipment must be protected from power disruptions.

Downtime of these vital equipment is expensive in terms of hardware failure and firmware failures, and it can result in a loss of goodwill, reputation, and even human lives in the medical field.Add in the time it takes to restart locked-up equipment, restore damaged machines, and resume interrupted procedures. As a result, power quality problems are much more costly now than ever before.

The time and cost of replacing equipment, as well as the revenue lost due to downtime and replacement, can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. As a result, a sound power protection strategy backed by equally reliable and prudent UPS systems is cost-effective insurance for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

With our comprehensive product line of transformer-based UPS systems, we take full responsibility for managing such important and demanding applications.

Our UPS systems comply with high protection & reliability of vital operating criteria, which are essentially components of the pharma & healthcare industries, and are supported by our 24 x 7 service policy.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving company goals?

A UPS is a vital piece of equipment that serves mission-critical applications in a variety of sectors. Many clients, however, are unaware of this and place a great importance on low cost over quality. For quality-driven businesses like ours, this poses a significant issue.As a result, we have to constantly educate clients on the importance of having a reliable UPS system rather than equating UPS with a box so that they don’t ignore important technical aspects such as energy efficiency, safety features, criticality of the application and other technical criteria.

Another problem for the domestic industry is the large increase in low quality cheap imports as OEM/ODM from neighboring countries. And also that the sector’s entry barriers are extremely low. As a result, we’ve seen a lot of new players joining the market lately, including a lot of smaller companies offering undervalued UPS systems.Unorganized sector solutions have lower prices with lower quality, and lower reliablity, which are all big constraints that add to the mix.

What are your opinion on COVID-19 situation on Power Conditioning industry along with India pharmaceutical Industry?
COVID19 has not only wreaked havoc on the economy and put the best of health-care facilities to the test, but it has also put a strain on the backbone of essential services and various sectors. In India, the most COVID-19 affected sectors include aviation, tourism, hospitality, some manufacturing and entertainment. The impact on the power conditioning sector is relatively less pronounced.

Despite the lockdowns and slow economic activity, many sectors, such as FMCG, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and IT are operating under reasonable demand to support the nation. For business continuity and optimum uptime, all of these industries depend heavily on uninterruptible power supply solutions.Thus, power conditioning sector functioning and uninterrupted power supply is critical, more so to support the efforts in combating the global pandemic.

Covid 19 impact, challenges and opportunities on Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. The coronavirus pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise for India’s pharmaceutical industry due to increased awareness about its necessity for any nation. Despite the fact that some aspects of the pharmaceutical industry were impacted, such as the supply chain and the import of active pharmaceutical ingredients from other countries, Covid-19 created some opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector, especially in India.

Does it give opportunity for Power Protection industry to showcase its importance?
Without a doubt! The importance of the power protection industry has grown even more during Covid 19. Most of the sectors including but not limited ITES and education are working from home. Thus, their need for power conditioning solutions has risen to manifolds.

Also, growing investment in IT, cloud computing, data centers, healthcare, pharmaceutical and other essential goods manufacturing with the aim of making India self-sufficient through various government policies such as Make in India, Digital India, and the Atmanirbhar Bharat concept are the major factors driving the growth of the India uninterruptible power supply systems market.

What are the key objectives that you would like to achieve in the upcoming three years?

We have set stringent corporate goals for ourselves in these year. Some of them are:
1. Increase our market share and brand awareness of Riello Power India as a company that does more than just sell UPS boxes. We’re more of a solution provider, analyzing each application thoroughly and recommending tailored solutions to give our customers the most bang for their buck. We, thus always keep our customers first.
2. Continue to invest & focus on our R&D initiatives & investment to further enhance our products portfolio and improving energy-efficiency provided by our products
3. Further extend our TEC (Technical Energy Consultant) professional network in order to better assist our customers in achieving ideal power quality and power protection for their businesses.

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