7000RMS:Real-time, On-line Microbial Monitoring – For Pharmaceutical Waters

7000RMS:Real-time, On-line Microbial Monitoring – For Pharmaceutical Waters


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  • Date: 09 May,2023

The 7000RMS combines two well-established measurement techniques, laser-induced fluorescence and Mie scattering, to count individual microorganisms present in pharmaceutical grade waters. The 7000RMS delivers continuous, 24 / 7 monitoring of bioburden contamination without collecting a sample or waiting days for plate count results.

Used in parallel with plate counting, the 7000RMS leads to better microbial control of the water system, reduces risk of releasing contaminated water, improves process control, and allows for rapid corrective action to occur.

Improve Process Control and Production Efficiency

  1. Continuous monitoring with results every two seconds
  2. No sample preparation or incubation required
  3. Optimize sanitization frequency and rinse time

Control Product Quality with Highly Sensitive Technology

  1. Count individual microorganisms down to 0.3μm in size
  2. Technology does not rely on the formation of a colony
  3. Ability to detect viable but nonculturable (VBNC) bacteria

Minimize Risk and Reduce Cost

  1. Eliminate 5 – 7 day waiting period for plate count results
  2. Release product / water without delay
  3. Reduce costs of investigating false positives associated with plate counting
  4. Real-time monitoring and trending data to react prior to an out of specification event

Global Compliance

  1. Regulatory agencies encourage the use of alternative, rapid microbiological methods
  2. Challenges and risks of plate count methods are recognized by global pharmacopeias


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