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    Could the world have a coronavirus immunization by September?

    A coronavirus immunization is one bit nearer because of promising outcomes following testing on monkeys – with across the board accessibility to conceivably come as ahead of schedule as September. Six rhesus macaque monkeys were infused with a portion of the Oxford University researchers’ antibody and remain contamination free a month subsequent to being presented

    Hydroxychloroquine to be given to Health workers treating COVID-19 patients

    Healthcare workers associated with the treatment of coronavirus patients will be given hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) tablets as a preventive prescription, the Maharashtra government has said and given rules on the utilization of the medication. State Health secretary Pradeep Vyas in an ongoing round said the medication will be given to specialists, attendants and clinical staff engaged

    COVID-19 antibody chase warms up universally, still no assurance

    Many individuals are focusing in nations over the world to be infused with test antibodies that may stop COVID-19, prodding trust possibly ridiculous that a conclusion to the pandemic may show up sooner than foreseen. Around 100 research bunches are seeking after immunizations with about twelve in beginning times of human preliminaries or ready to

    With testing, Iceland claims significant accomplishment against COVID-19

    Winter storms disengaged the northern town of Hvammstangi from the remainder of Iceland. At that point spring brought the coronavirus, segregating townspeople from one another. Presently, as summer draws near, inhabitants trust life is returning to a typical. Secondary schools, hair salons, dental specialists and different organizations across Iceland are reviving Monday following a month