New novel Covid variant revealed with very limited cases in France

New novel Covid variant revealed with very limited cases in France


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  • Date: 05 Jan,2022

While it is true that the Omicron version of coronavirus continues to spread to people in large numbers around the globe, news of the emerging of a second extremely mutated version was widely reported on Tuesday, triggering the possibility of another round of infection. The variation, B.1.640, has been discovered predominantly in France at this point, however there have been discovered in a number of other countries. It is believed to be carrying 46 mutations including some of them in the protein spike.

The world is struggling to combat a huge increase in coronavirus diseases that are not known to the public (COVID-19) cases brought on by the new strain of concern omicron France has identified a second variant. Twelve people have been found positively for COVID using this new variant, known as IHU which is believed to have an “atypical mixture.”

This IHU variant is thought to have 46 mutations as well as 37 deletions, as per researchers at the IHU Mediterranee Infectionin Marseille, France.
The case in question — the very first instance of this variant was come back from Cameroon within Central Africa. The sample was taken in the middle of November 2021. It was the first time he was protected against virus and experienced minor respiratory symptoms before the diagnosis, as reported by researchers in a preprint that is not yet peer-reviewed.

“These observations confirm the unpredictable nature of the emergence of new variants of SARS-CoV-2 and their spread from outside and demonstrate the challenges of controlling this spreading and introduction,” French scientists at the IHU Mediterranee Infection in Marseille declared.

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