New Instant Inoculator™ QC Microorganisms Eliminate Prep Work and Simplify Microbiology Control Testing with One-Step Method

New Instant Inoculator™ QC Microorganisms Eliminate Prep Work and Simplify Microbiology Control Testing with One-Step Method


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  • Date: 09 Nov,2021

2 November 2021 – Stratix Labs has unveiled Instant Inoculator™ QC microorganisms, a novel ready-to-use product that delivers reference microorganisms to solid media with a simple one-step method. Each device comes individually sealed with authentic reference microorganisms coated and preserved on the applicator region.

Using a patent-pending technology, the Instant Inoculator™ directly transfers isolated colonies to solid media. It requires no preparation, no rehydration, and no liquid handling. Simply spread the Instant Inoculator™ on solid media for 5-10 seconds to deliver an ideal spread of isolated colonies.

“By eliminating all prep work, including rehydration and liquid handling steps, Instant Inoculator™ is positioned as the easiest and simplest way to work with reference microorganisms. And with its one-step direct transfer method, it reduces opportunity for error and contamination in microbiology testing workflows,” said Stratix Labs CEO Mark Mulvahill.

Reference microorganisms are a crucial part of microbiology testing, including in quality control for clinical, pharmaceutical, medical device, food & beverage, cosmetic, and dietary supplement industries.

“We set out to create a product that simplifies microbiology testing across industries. As a company founded by microbiologists, we know that increasing efficiency and reducing risk of error is important. With Instant Inoculator™ we’ve set the bar for the easiest way to use reference microorganisms in microbiology applications,” said Mulvahill.

Instant Inoculator™ is designed for use with solid media, including traditional agar plates as well as alternative systems such as dry sheet media for culturing microorganisms. A variety of reference strains are available in the Instant Inoculator™ format and Stratix Labs is rapidly expanding the list of available strains. Stratix Labs invites requests for new reference strains or environmental isolates in the Instant Inoculator™ format.

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