5 Important Facts That You Should Know About Laboratory Glass Culture Tubes

5 Important Facts That You Should Know About Laboratory Glass Culture Tubes


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  • Date: 21 Jun,2020

The global Screw Threaded Glass Culture Tubes market has been garnering remarkable momentum in the recent years. The steadily escalating demand due to improving purchasing power is projected to bode well for the global market.

Borosilicate Glass Culture Tubes are widely used in Laboratories, Microbiology, Pharmapackaging Industries and Educational Institutes.

Here I am sharing you the significant facts of using about Glass Culture tubes:

1. Glass is ubiquitous in the chemistry laboratory, but not all glass is the same. Glass Culture Tubes are made from Borosilicate Glass having Coefficient of Liner Thermal Expansion is 3.3 or 5.1.
2. Mechanical Strength & Thermal Shock resistance – Glass Culture Tubes are annealed in special chamber wherein the stress are developed during the manufacturing process is eliminated with a controlled heating and cooling process.
3. Their round bottom and vertical sides reduce fluid and mass loss while pouring. Also, the round bottom makes it easier to wash out, and allow convenient monitoring of the contents.
4. The slimness of the Glass culture tube efficiently reduces the spread of any vapors that may be produced by the reaction.
5. Chemical Durability – Glass Culture Tubes are resistant to attack from acids,salt solutions and organic solvents.

Hindustan Glass works, Ambala Haryana Based Manufacturer offers Glass Culture Tubes in Both CLE 3.3 and 5.1 Expansions that can be used for many laboratory applications. Biologically inert and exempt from mold release agents, these Hindustan Glass Works culture tubes prevent errors, contamination, and interferences in RIA tests. Designed with precise molding and uniforms in shape, these culture tubes are chemically clean and ready to use.

“We constantly develop new technologies and understand the customer needs which differentiate us from our competitors. We use best quality raw material Borosilicate Glass CLE 3.3 and CLE 5.1 which is the backbone of our products. Quality consistency is very prominent for manufacturing our Glass Culture Tubes and Glass Vials,” says Sahil Jain, Managing Director, Hindustan Glass Works India.
Hindustan Glass works exports Glass Culture Tubes, EPA Vials, Injectable Vials to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, USA, Canada and other countries.

“Objectives are established so that we can always provide first class timely services to the demanding requirements of our customers. As a part of our commitment to continuous improvement, systems are established to ensure that we measure the performance of our process, review, and revise our policies when necessary,” signs off Sahil Jain.

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