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    Hydroxychloroquine to be given to Health workers treating COVID-19 patients

    Healthcare workers associated with the treatment of coronavirus patients will be given hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) tablets as a preventive prescription, the Maharashtra government has said and given rules on the utilization of the medication. State Health secretary Pradeep Vyas in an ongoing round said the medication will be given to specialists, attendants and clinical staff engaged

    CanSino Biologics Inc New Corona immunization seems protected, compelling in early trials

    A coronavirus immunization developed by CanSino Biologics Inc gives off an impression of being sheltered and prompted a quick invulnerable reaction in its first human trial, Chinese analysts gave an account of Friday in The Lancet clinical diary. CanSino utilizes a debilitated regular cold infection called an adenovirus – and Friday’s investigation indicated individuals whose

    Covid may never leave even with an antibody : Report

    Considerably after a COVID-19 antibody is created and conveyed, the coronavirus will probably stay for quite a long time to come, and may in the long run, become endemic like HIV, measles and chickenpox, The Washington Post detailed. As per the US every day, specialists in the study of disease transmission state grasping the delayed

    Researchers close ‘discovery’ on antibody treatment

    In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which has contaminated in excess of 69 lakh individuals and slaughtered more than four lakh over the world, researchers might be near a discovery on a neutralizer treatment that can spare the lives of individuals tainted with the lethal infection, The Guardian has revealed. The researchers have built

    Destitution flood to more than 1 billion due to coronavirus, cautions study

    Worldwide destitution is set to transcend 1 billion individuals by and by because of the coronavirus pandemic, which is diminishing the salary of the world’s least fortunate by USD 500 million every day, as indicated by new examination distributed Friday. The exploration by King’s College London and the Australian National University focuses to neediness expanding

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sample Tracking Packages

    To assist labs involved with the essential RT-PCR assay part of the “test, trace and isolate” strategy for dealing with the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic – Ziath has introduced two optimized packages for reliable tracking of patient samples submitted for Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing. For large-scale, high-density Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing labs – Ziath has introduced an attractively