Portable, Reproducible PCR COVID-19 Testing by Gilson

Portable, Reproducible PCR COVID-19 Testing by Gilson


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  • Source: Gilson UK

  • Date: 28 Feb,2021

With the ever-increasing demand for COVID-19 testing, laboratories are placed under immense pressure for rapid and reliable analysis. Gilson’s portable Connected smart devices can create a fully traceable and reliable lab environment from wherever you are, bringing confidence to manual pipetting within your COVID workflow and preserving the integrity of your sample.

NEW qPCR/PCR Wizard For TRACKMAN® Connected

Gilson’s innovative TRACKMAN® Connected tablet tracks and guides you through every pipetting step, helping you to know exactly where, when, and how much to pipette, bringing traceability and reproducibility to your experiments.

With the new PipettePilot® PCR wizard embedded in the software, you can quickly set up qPCR or PCR experiments, rapidly reducing your protocol creation time. TRACKMAN Connected is perfect for field-based COVID-19 testing, which requires reliable results and accelerated reporting.

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