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    Researchers distinguish aggravates that square replication of COVID-19 infection

    Whilst the death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic mounts, the boffins worldwide carry on their push to create effective treatments and a vaccine to its highly infectious respiratory tract. The inhibitors demonstrate potent structural and chemical connections with an viral critical to this herpes virus’s capacity to proliferate. The very promising drug candidates – like

    World’s first completely reversible control of the circadian clock

    The Nagoya University Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (WPI-ITbM) research team of Designated Associate Professor Tsuyoshi Hirota, Postdoctoral Fellow Simon Miller, Professor Kenichiro Itami and grad student Tsuyoshi Oshima (Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, JSPS), in collaboration with the team of Professor Ben Feringa and Postdoctoral Fellow Dušan Kolarski of Groningen University in the Netherlands, have

    Mosquito protein study could prompt therapeutics against dangerous viruses

    The researchers found that AEG12 works by destabilizing the viral envelope, breaking its protective covering. Although the protein doesn’t affect viruses that don’t have an envelope, such as the ones that cause pink eye and bladder ailments, the findings could lead to therapeutics against viruses which affect millions of people around the world. The research