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    conical flasks

    What does “Erlenmeyer flask” mean in chemistry?

    Laboratory flasks with a flat base, conical body, and cylindrical neck are known as Erlenmeyer flasks. They are also sometimes called conical flasks or titration flasks. Emil Erlenmeyer (1825-1909), a German chemist, developed it in 1860 and gave it his namesake. Whether you call it a conical flask, Erlenmeyer flask, or something else entirely, it’s

    The Ultimate Guide to Conical Flasks: Everything You Need to Know

    An Erlenmeyer flask, commonly referred to as a conical flask, is a typical piece of lab glassware used for several scientific studies. Here is the ultimate guide to conical flasks, covering everything you need to know about their design, uses, care, and safety: Design and Structure: A conical flask is often composed of borosilicate glass,