15.30 to 15.40 Welcome and Introduction
15.40 to 16.10 Microbial aspects in brewing industry


– Common spoilage microorganisms in breweries and their growth conditions.

– Principles of detection and quantification.

– Application of detection principles.

– Prevention.

16.10 to 16.40 Company overview


– Efficient spoilage detection in the brewing and fermentation process

– Quality Control Solutions

16.40 to 17.00 Open Session for Q & A






Food spoilage is a common concern in brewing and often results in a dumping of a batch, food poisoning, recall , bad press and sometimes even death. It is something we all keep in mind and try our very best to prevent as we go about our daily tasks.In this session the expert from the industry will talk about common spoilage microorganisms in breweries and their growth conditions, principles of detection and quantification and application of detection principle for prevention.


At Sartorius we believe ‘efficient detection is the best form of prevention’ and are dedicated to provide the best solutions for detecting and preventing these spoilages. Our expert will introduce the brand Sartorius, briefly cover the spoilage and the solutions in detecting and preventing these spoilages.





The webinar is hosted and promoted by Microbioz India in association with Sartorius

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