Jellagen dispatches JellaGel™, the principal Collagen Type 0 Hydrogel taking available driving Extracellular Matrix

Jellagen dispatches JellaGel™, the principal Collagen Type 0 Hydrogel taking available driving Extracellular Matrix


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  • Date: 15 Jan,2021

Jellagen® Limited, a biotechnology company manufacturing high-value Collagen Type 0 derived from jellyfish, announce the launch of their JellaGel™ Hydrogel.

3-dimensaional Hydrogels make it possible for cells to grow and interact with all of their surroundings that makes a massive difference. Cells grown in a 3D model have been shown to be more natural, with enhanced cell viability, morphology, proliferation, and differentiation. These are important features allowing researchers to create JellaGel as a possible matrix for new drug screening versions or in the planning of human tumor xenografts models as part of cancer drug discovery applications.

JellaGel supplies customers with a non-mammalian, natural, biochemically simple, consistent, and easy to use hydrogel that can transform their research. Being biochemically easy means there is no unwanted/undefined growth factors or biological contaminants in JellaGel that could negatively influence the culture of cells, giving researchers more control. Among the greatest characteristics of JellaGel is that it can be used at room temperature meaning there isn’t any need for ice or cold rooms, unlike many hydrogels now on the market.

Jellagen CEO, Thomas-Paul Descamps commented;”I am quite pleased with the work delivered by the team. It has been a long journey as it’s a complex challenge for a small organization to create, manufacture and launch a hydrogel based on polymers such as Jellyfish collagen. Additionally it is very ambitious in a traditional market where there has been few innovations in the past. But as a result, there are a great deal of improvements which may be brought against the competition. Because of the unique scaffold properties of Jellyfish collagen,”the stem collagen” we never gave up on this challenge and are now very proud to bring to the market such an advanced solution to grow cells.”

Jellyfish represent the evolutionary route of all collagens. This Collagen Type 0 is a chemistry innovation and is a breakthrough biomaterial presenting the market with an important alternative to conventional scaffold sources used in 3D cell culture. Researchers will now benefit from JellaGel’s unique features derived from this non-mammalian and natural (prion / disease-vector free) collagen material such as its chemically simple composition that fundamentally leads to improved batch to batch consistency of 3D cell culture.”

Andrew Mearns Spragg, Jellagen Founder & CSO


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