EU says Moderna to fill immunization gap by March 2021

EU says Moderna to fill immunization gap by March 2021


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  • Source: PTI

  • Date: 16 Feb,2021

The European Commission says it anticipates Moderna to make up a shortfall in deliveries of its COVID-19 vaccine by next month.

EU Commission spokeswoman Vivian Loonella told colleagues that Moderna told EU government about delays in vaccine deliveries for this month, but that”it’s likely” that the US company”will be caught up in March.”

Spanish media reported on Tuesday that Spain will be receiving just under half of the 400,000 Moderna doses it was anticipating this week.

The Spanish Health Ministry told the AP that a similar decrease has been announced across Europe.

World Health Organisation experts recommend that the two doses of the Moderna vaccine be obtained 28 days apart, however state that giving the second shot can be extended to 42 days.

Delivery delays have slowed down the rollout of vaccines in the 27-nation bloc and sparked criticism against the EU’s vaccine strategy in several member states.

The EU commission has signed six contracts for at least 2 billion doses of various coronavirus vaccines, but only three of them have been approved for use thus far.

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