Glassco QR Coded Class A Laboratory Glassware – An Easy Time-Saver For Your Research Laboratory

Glassco QR Coded Class A Laboratory Glassware – An Easy Time-Saver For Your Research Laboratory


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  • Date: 30 Jul,2020

Glassco is the biggest exporter of scientific lab ware Out of India, shipping over 600 containers of glassware every year mainly Interchangeable, Volumetric, Filtration and General lab ware made in ISO / ASTM / DIN / USP & NABL Standards. Together Side glassware a lot of Allied distinct merchandise and accessories which can be used in laboratory application Such as for example Vinyl ware, Rubber ware, metalware, Liquid Handling Instruments, Hot Plate & Stirrers.

The Most Common:

1.Your laboratory is engaged in job so vital that you absolutely should have Class A calibrated volumetric glassware, like a cylinder or flask, manufactured from the best materials in a ISO approved factory.

2.This really is definitely an investment to you, and you pay attention to advice on the published certificate of calibration as well as the item.

3.This certification is essential to support your production or research process and should be common for reference when required.

4.The challenge is that you often wind up preserving the published certificate in a separate spot, together with the certification resting comfortably in a filing cabinet whereas the glassware is actively used on your own lab.

5.When you will need the certificate of calibration, like in a typical audit scenario, you’ve got to locate the filed certification and match it up to the cylinder or flask.

6.This may go smoothly for you personally if your laboratory procedures are closely defined and always maintained. If that is not the case, it’s rather a job to locate the certificate and match it up to the corresponding slice of glassware.

The game-changer:

1.Each bit of that carefully Selected Class A calibrated volumetric glassware arrives for you with a QR Code permanently screened onto it.

2.A printed certificate of calibration is Also included in the package, and you are welcome to document that like you’ve You can possibly produce a superior choice.

3.The Qr-code to the product is easily scanned in your smartphone with all the Popular Neo Reader QR code app, and that scan goes instantly to the Manufacturer’s website, where you are able to view, save and print a copy of this Same certificate of calibration which was included in this package.

4.This Eliminates the requirement for you to build up a paper filing procedure for the Certification, and enables you get to the calibration information at any time, In any place.

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