ACQUITY PREMIER Liquid Chromatography Solution introduced by Waters Corporation

ACQUITY PREMIER Liquid Chromatography Solution introduced by Waters Corporation


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  • Source: Waters Corporation

  • Date: 14 Feb,2021

Waters Corporation introduces the Waters™ ACQUITY™ PREMIER Solution, the next generation in liquid chromatographs featuring Waters’ breakthrough MaxPeak™ High Performance Surface (HPS) technology. The solution leverages HPS to significantly enhance analytical data quality and eliminate the need for time-consuming and expensive passivation.

ACQUITY PREMIER is a universal liquid chromatograph (LC) solution that combines the ACQUITY PREMIER System with ACQUITY PREMIER Columns with MaxPeak HPS technology. It is designed to alleviate the problem of analyte/metal surface interactions when assessing organic acids, organophosphates, oligonucleotides, phosphopeptides, acidic glycans and phospholipids by reversed phase and hydrophilic interaction chromatography. For these investigations, the new ACQUITY PREMIER solution cuts the time from sample to outcomes, enhances analyte recovery and assay-to-assay reproducibility, to give separation scientists greater assurance in the integrity of the qualitative and quantitative analytical results.

“The ACQUITY PREMIER Solution represents our biggest innovation in separation science since UPLC,” said Ian King, Senior Vice President, Global Products, Waters Corporation. “Chromatography has an immeasurable impact on the development of novel therapeutics and treatments for innumerable diseases. The result of decades of separations science know-how along with the combined efforts of our materials scientists, chemists and engineers, ACQUITY PREMIER addresses a long-standing problem that has held back scientific progress long enough. We firmly believe it will redefine the value that separations science brings to scientific achievement.”

“This approach solves a real problem with the analysis of some particularly troublesome analytes,” said noted expert and consultant Prof. Ian Wilson, Faculty of Medicine, Dept. of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction, Imperial College London. “The improvements in peak shape and signal-to-noise ratio at low concentrations of analytes like phosphorylated drugs and lipids are obvious at a glance and very impressive, and it will make the lives of many analysts much easier.”

The ACQUITY PREMIER System and ACQUITY PREMIER columns are now available worldwide from Waters.

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