The food industry is subject to particularly strict regulations on the quality and safety of its products. This is not without reason: If contaminated food reaches the retail market, the consequences can be serious – and not just for the consumers. In order to guarantee the industry’s strict quality and safety standards, reliable instruments and methods are needed in the laboratory. These instruments and methods must meet highest standards.



As a leading manufacturer of instruments for chemical analysis, we are quite aware of these challenges you face. For this reason, we offer you not just the most advanced equipment, but rather complete solutions for the particular tasks at hand. Your partners at Metrohm are experienced professionals who develop customized applications for you and support you in every aspect of regulatory compliance with our expert service.
Discover the solutions Metrohm offers the food industry in general and you in particular, to ensure the quality and safety of your products.



What you will learn in this webinar:


1. Basics of Ion chromatography and Titration.
2. How Ion chromatography and Titrationcan solve the analytical challenges in Food and Beverage analysis.
3. Applications related to Food and Beverage analysis.




The webinar is hosted and promoted by Microbioz India in association with Metrohm

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